Consulting Services


Current activities

I am currently helping Royer Thompson, a talent management firm based in Halifax NS, with their recruitment/assessment process. 

Past activities

In the past, I have helped organizations evaluate and update their selection or assessment processes. For instance, I worked with Direction Plus in Switzerland to help them validate their assessment process and secure the Swiss Assessment Certification.  

Services I can offer

I can work with organizations (public or private) and help them with their need associated with personnel selection and assessment. For instance to:

  • Design structured and behavior-oriented employment interviews
  • Build Assessment Centers (ACs) and select or build AC competency-based exercises
  • Train managers and HR professionals about evidence-based best practices in selection, applicant faking, and errors/biases to avoid
  • Evaluate the quality (e.g., validity, reliability, fairness, etc.) of an existing selection process

I am also always open to discussing opportunities for research collaborations with organizations.

Please do not hesitate to contact me!